Letter Re: Some Crucial Readiness: Preparing for Joy

I enjoyed the article about “Preparing for Joy”. The Christmas after Hurricane Ivan hit Pensacola [Florida, in 2004] was depressing and sad. My family and street was in a gloomy state that almost nothing could get us out of.

About a week before Christmas I got off my butt and spent my last $40 on outside Christmas lights. It was kind of a funny sight, seeing the lights on the damaged house. But do you know what? The next day lights started popping up all down the street. People who never put lights up were putting them up.

Even though we did not have all the wrappings of Christmas that was one of my favorite Christmas celebrations. Everyone’s heart was lifted with 40 bucks of lights. Best money I ever spent.
I’m going to order some [strings of] 12 volt lights and put in my survival kit and prepare for fun.
Thanks for all the great info! – Steven