Two Letters Re: Recommendations on Discreet Self Defense Weapons and Training

First, here’s a link to an article on self defense considerations in Britain.

I prefer a variation on the pocket stick known as a koppo stick. A koppo stick is a pocket stick with a piece of cord that loops around the outside of the ring and middle fingers. This cord helps with stick retention and allows for open hand and gripping techniques.

I usually carry my koppo in my weak hand at the ready. This frees up my strong hand to draw my primary weapon and the cord retention system allows the weak hand to perform other tasks such as slide manipulation. Planned use of the stick is for primary weapon retention and to gain enough time/space to draw the primary weapon (if available and warranted).

Here is a page on how to convert a pocket flashlight into a koppo stick.

Here’s the LED flashlight that I converted (available through Sears):

Finally, here’s a YouTube video on the subject.

Enjoy! – Rick H.


Dear Mr. Rawles,
I’ve got something for the guy in suburban London. England is a rainy area – isn’t´t it? So try this unbreakable umbrella.

And here´s something on video about how to use canes for self-defense.

Thank you! – Joe B.