Four Letters Re: Survival Dentistry, by The Army Dentist

At the conclusion of his article, the Army Dentist says, “I think this can at least organize a discussion or be a good stimulus for questions.” So (if it’s somehow possible to do this in SurvivalBlog format) I’d like to ask him, In case of an irreversible pulpitis or abscess, if professional dental care is not available, then what are the best tools and techniques to perform a “home extraction”? And how about anesthetics? – Charley S.


Hi Jim,
The Survival Dentistry article by The Army Dentist is a very informative and important piece. Home dental care i.e., dental hygiene, is essential in preventing decay, pain, potential loss of teeth and last, and perhaps least, halitosis. I might add, and am sure that the good Army Dentist will agree, that flossing your teeth, preferably daily, is nearly as important as brushing the teeth.

Something else that can be useful in killing oral bacteria is a mix of 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 water for occasional rinsing and gargling. It’s cheap, and it works.

In addition, tooth decay can lead to heart problems, though it’s rare. – SLC


I just wanted to point out to the readers of survival blog that fluoride is a poison. There has been a lot of research done lately about this. Those of us that are health conscious avoid it. It is safer to use xylitol instead. Check out and related videos on YouTube and Google Video. Your Fellow Countryman, – S.B.


I would like to know what the dentist thinks about the use of peroxide as a mouth wash? I am far from a poster child for proper dental care, but since I have started using peroxide mouth wash the hygienist hasn’t found anything for the dentist to work on teeth or gums.- Keith S.