Letter Re: Speeding Coyote Hunters Arrested in Illinois

I enjoy reading your blog and have improved my preps exponentially since I began following you. I don’t know how many dozens of [telephone] consultations you do annually, but you and I spoke for an hour earlier this year. I live on Long Island, if that rings a bell. I feel that it was money well-spent.

The post on vehicle stops was informative. You mentioned Boston T. Party’s “Boston’s Gun Bible” as a reference source. I have read all his books, fiction and non-fiction alike, and found him to be both entertaining and informative. If I may, I suggest letting your readers know that he has a book devoted solely to interactions with law enforcement. His book is entitled “You and the Police” and can be found on Amazon.com for as little as $10.88 at last glance. This book covers all phases of dealing with law enforcement including traffic stops, roadblocks, airports etc . It also tells you what the police are allowed to do and what your rights are during a “contact”, “detention” and “arrest”. I have purchased copies for myself, family and friends. As the cover of the book states :If you don’t know your rights, you have none!”

Thanks for the blog. It’s my first stop each morning. God Bless, – Ken B. in New York