“Little House” Books–A Great Homeschooling and Preparedness Mindset Resource

I just found a bunch of excellent books, some of which are found on the classics lists for obvious reasons. The Internet dealer Walnut Grove was the only place I could find online that had the entire Laura Ingalls Wilder “Little House on the Prairie” nine-book series in hard cover. They also have the box set in paperback for a reasonable price.

I also received an insert with one of my purchases from them for another book listed there titled The Prairie Girls’ Guide to Life that includes “49 pioneer projects for the modern girl.” This should be a really good book for young girls to learn skills needed all to soon. Only $15 USD.

The Walnut Grove web site is not very good for going back and forth so here is the homepage. Click on “SHOPPING Cart” in order to enter their online store.

If anyone is interested in purchasing books or other items from them for Christmas, I can tell you that I placed an order only three days ago, and it arrived today in a Priority Mail box. Regards, – Dan S.