Letter Re: Feedback on Foodsaver Vacuum Packers

Just a note of thanks. Years ago I purchased a Bosch brand food saver, which has worked well but died about a year ago,. Since it cost over $300 years ago I had not gotten another. When you mentioned the special sale on the FoodSaver v2830, I ordered one (Dec 1) which I just received. I strongly recommend these units, I just received mine yesterday, and it is every bit worth the $59. Thank you James! I love your novel, have read it 4.75 times now, (taking notes) and can see the truth of the story line being fulfilled in the news papers today. Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready, Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually. If I read my Bible (KJV) right it is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. – The M. Family, Up North.

JWR Adds: About 275 SurvivalBlog readers have already taken advantage of this special sale. Don’t miss out! (BTW, by doing so, you’ll be helping to support the blog, since we get a small commission on each sale. Thanks! These make a very practical Christmas gift.