Note from JWR:

I often get e-mails from students and retirees on fixed incomes that mention that they enjoy reading the blog, but that they can’t afford a voluntary Ten Cent Challenge subscription. This is perfectly understandable. One thing that they can do to help that costs nothing but a bit of time, is to spread the word about SurvivalBlog. For example, please mention SurvivalBlog in your annual Christmas letter. Hopefully, this will result in some of your relatives and friends getting “squared away”. (Which, BTW, is in your own best interest. Every individual that prepares represents one less that will have to depend on charity, when times get hard.)

Links to SurvivalBlog in your personal web page and/or in your e-mail footer would also be greatly appreciated. Again, subscriptions are entirely voluntary. If your budget is tight then please do not subscribe.