Letter Re: Dress for Survival Success

That was a great article by George Haystack in Tuesday’s blog! I thought I was the only one [that carried so much survival gear around on a daily basis.] Mr. Haystack takes it further than I do. First, I could not carry [a concealed firearm] at my workplace being within the secure area of an airport. I generally carried a sturdy day pack, with the following:
(1) Lockback knife
(2) LED flashlights (9 LED’s / 3 AA batteries)
(16) spare AAA batteries
(1) regular AA flashlight
(4) spare AA batteries
The following are all OTC medications, of course
(1) small bottle aspirin
(1) small bottle acetaminophen (Tylenol)
(1) small bottle ibuprofen (Advil)
(1) small bottle naproxen sodium (Aleve)
(1) small bottle antihistamine allergy medication
(2) bandanas 1 blue / 1 red
(1) pocket AM/FM radio uses 2 AA batteries
several pens
(1) steno pad
(1) change of underwear/socks/t-shirt
(12) decaffeinated tea bags
(4-6) pop tarts/granola bars, or similar quick food
(1) metal mug (“grannyware” type camp cup)
(1) set of tableware, knife, spoon, fork, and a “steak knife”
(1) hat and gloves
(2-3) cigarette lighters
(2-3) books of matches
(2) “space blankets”

This is far from what my co-coworkers carried in to work each day. I still had room for my work papers, and such, which went in on the top, for ease of access, and to keep my preparations from “prying eyes”. I may not have carried my sidearm at work, but the items in my pack would have raised management’s eyebrows, and gotten me a talking to, that’s for sure. Luckily for me, the company was shut down, and I am currently an unemployed student. The only thing my co-workers knew was that if they had a headache or a cold, I was the “go-to guy” for an aspirin! Or the guy with the multi-tool to fix whatever is busted in the office! LOL!

On my person, I always carry at least the following, in normal pockets, or on my belt:
(1) cigarette lighter
(1) multi-tool on my belt
(1) Swiss Army knife
(1) LED flashlight
(1) Wallet, which is regularly thinned out to keep only what I’m going to use for the day/trip
(2) key rings, one for car keys one for house, general keys. Only frequently used keys are on the ring.
(1) spare set of car keys in an undisclosed pocket or in my backpack, as well.
(1) cell phone

Mr. Haystack is so right that most folks simply give no “tactical” thought to daily clothing choice. A few take the advice of frequent travelers and choose natural fibers, and loose-fitting, comfortable clothes for air travel, but many more simply wear the style of the day with no thought as to how hot that artificial polyester shirt or top will burn if there is actually trouble. How it clings to the skin like napalm, and burns severely. The problem with air travel today, is that the items I mentioned carrying in my pockets are now “prohibited items”, and so every year, I fly less. At work, only when I had to to keep my currency up for annual training. I’ll take a mode of transport that impacts my liberty and preparations a little less, thank you. Great article! – R. in the Northeastern US.