Letter Re: Riots in Greece Illustrate How Quickly Things Can Get Schumeresque

Hi James,
I have found so much value in your site, I have contributed to the 10 cent challenge multiple times. I have also spent several thousand dollars with your advertisers. I believe in supporting a site that provides so much value to me and family. I’m passing a couple items along you might find interesting.

First, here’s a news item about riots in Greece. It just shows how a variety of things can trigger TSHTF and things can turn on a dime:

Also, here’s an interesting personal story about always being prepared and testing your gear:

The other night I heard a noise outside my bedroom window at about 3 AM. I went to the closet to grab my 12 gauge and bandolier of 12 gauge buckshot. I discovered that the hiding spot for my shotgun wedged it behind a shoe storage”tree” mounted on the wall. Well, in the dark and in a hurry, I couldn’t wedge the shotgun away from the shoe tree without making a bunch of noise. After struggling with it for several seconds I finally gave up on the shot gun and walked into the next room to get to my 9mm pistol. It didn’t cause me much of a delay, but it was a delay nonetheless. The noise turned out to be some birds nesting in the rain gutter by our bedroom window.
But the first thing I did the next morning was find a better hiding spot for my shotgun and ammo bandoleer, and I’ve tested it numerous time. Now I know that I can get my shotgun and ammo out quickly and stealthily.

This experience just confirms: Test your gear and train with it. All the best, – Dan G.