Letter Re: Food Items in Non-Food Grade Buckets?

Just an FYI for those who think the food grade plastic buckets are expensive. I have been putting together a list of places to find food and buckets. Online resources seem way too expensive so I’ve been looking local. I found that my local junk store had used but still in fine condition 5 gallon food grade buckets for $1.50 each. I also called some bakeries and was able to get the 3.5 gallon buckets for free after they were done with them. And finally I live about a half hour north of a large Amish area. There are some bulk food stores in this area and after spending a half hour calling around I found I could get 800 pounds of hard red winter wheat for $470. Of course I’d have to pick it up but online the best deal I could find was $270 for 315 pounds. Further, I’d have shipping after that which would be quite expensive. – Geoff