Letter Re: Impressions of Medical Corps Training

Dear Mr. Rawles:
Thanks for a wonderful book and blog site. They are very, very helpful. I also wanted to thank you for a posting I saw last spring on your web site about the Medical Corps class led by Chuck Fenwick, called Field Medicine in a Hostile Environment. Because of that posting, I took Chuck’s course in Ohio in May and found it to be invaluable. I couldn’t believe all the techniques and information imparted in such a short period of time. Although not on the curriculum, when I asked if he’d show us how to give injections, he added that to the curriculum. Chuck is extremely knowledgeable and you know he’s experienced it all. His workshop was life-changing for me and the 40 + attendees. I feel like I’m ready to be of assistance to anyone who may experience injuries of almost any sort. I can imagine nothing worse than seeing a loved one hurt and not know what to do to help them. Now I’ve got peace of mind in that area thanks to you and Chuck.

The reason I’m writing today is because I’ve noticed he’s bringing his class to Texas, just outside the Austin area, in December. This may be the last time this course may be offered if TSHTF soon, and I think that if many Texans knew about the class, they’d be forever grateful. There are a lot of us down here in this great state who feel that readiness for the schumer is very important. I recommend this class to anyone and everyone. No one can afford not to have these skills.

Thanks again, Mr. Rawles, for letting your readers know about this life-changing and life-enhancing workshop. Blessings, – Mary C