Letter Re: Some Thoughts on Fuel Conservation WTSHTF

To follow-up on my last e-mail, here are some random thoughts that I’d like to share on fuel conservation, for when the Schumer Hits the Fan (WTSHTF):

Water Pasteurization Indicators (WAPIs) – Often used in the Third World to save fuel and time when treating drinking water. Water that is heated to 149 degrees for a short time is free from living microbes. Water does not have to be boiled for 10 minutes. A WAPI is a simple, small and low cost tube with a special soy wax that can show that water has reached a safe Pasteurization temperature. These are available from SolarCooking.org. (By the way, they also several nice solar oven designs.)

Solar ovens and Solar Showers – For cooking, water Pasteurization, and hot water for hygiene needs. There is also a “solar puddle” design available on the Internet for large scale water Pasteurization.

Oven and Meat Thermometers – Prevents waste of fuel [and nutritive value] by cooking foods to higher temperatures than necessary.

Pot Cozys – These are insulated wraps for cooking pots. You heat the pot and contents to a desired temperature and then set the pot off to the side, wrapped in a pot cozy. Thus insulated, the food continues to cook until done. [JWR Adds: For more on this topic, see KBF’s article in SurvivalBlog on Thermos cooking.]

Reflective Wind Shields – When used for cooking on a stove indoors or outdoors, these will shorten the time [and hence reduce fuel use] required to reach the desired temperature. – Doc Anonymous