Letter Re: A SurvivalBlog Reader Prepares for Hurricane Ike

Dear Mr. Editor:

Just a quick note to tell you how people that read your blog are preparing for Ike. Thanks for all the great information.

I live near Houston in the suburbs, about 60 miles north of Galveston. Most of the stores are open and have plenty of water, drinks, bread, tuna and other canned foods. The stores have done a much better job this time of keeping needed items in stock than they did when Katrina was headed this way a couple years ago. The gas is going fast, and many stations are closed. I filled both my vehicles Thursday morning in preparation for the storm, even though I am not leaving. I expect a lot of rain and wind, but little rising water this far inland. Thanks to you, I am prepared. I have all my bottled water, food, flashlights, batteries, generator, extra fuel, tools and tarps, first aid kit, my bug out bag and firearms ready. We have copies of all our important papers and photo’s on DVD, along with extra cash and computer backup’s in the gun safe. We have secured our home as best we can and picked up anything outside that could be blown by the wind. I understand from other people that if someone wants your generator they just come and take it even at gun point. That will not happen here. I am a Life member of the NRA if that tells you something. Thanks again. Best Regards, – A Loyal Reader in Texas