Letter Re: West Virginia as a Retreat Locale

I just wanted to get your thoughts on West Virginia. I live in Huntington which is at the conjunction of West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. My family lives in a valley where we are related to nearly everyone there [by blood or by marriage]. We have industrial equipment in our business in the valley. Also a US Corps of Engineers lake covers one end of our road. This leaves just one roadway in or out. The only other approaches are to cross the heavily wooded hills. – Doug in West Virginia

JWR: Replies: As I’ve often written in my blog, you can’t put a price tag on having deep roots in a small rural community. I strongly recommend that you stay right there, and encourage your relatives, friends, and neighbors to get squared away, logistically. Also encourage each family to buy a couple of rifles in a common caliber, such as .308 Winchester. Even though you are fairly close to a high population density region, in the event of a sudden-onset “worst case” you will have the the opportunity to block that road (perhaps by positioning a piece of heavy equipment as a mobile road block) and setting up a Neighborhood Watch on Steroids. The looters will then most likely go elsewhere, in search of easier pickings.