Letter Re: Is a Little Ice Age Approaching?

Hi Jim,
Thought you might find this article interesting: Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century

As a scientist (Oceanography) I have been astounded with scientists who can not see the forest through the trees when it comes to global warming. The ocean temperatures have been dropping over the last 1-to-2 years (as well as the overall temperature on Mars). Correlate the ocean temperature with sun spot activity and you do not need any more “proof” as this will show the direct cause-effect relationship of the sun to the temperature of the oceans.

Note that if we do get a “mini-ice age” in the next 10 years, then there will be a massive shift in demographics as northerners head south! Retreat locale may have to rethought for more northern regions unless you like living in “Siberia”. God Bless, – MRL.