Letter Re: Stocking Up on Socks and Underwear

After stocking up on beans, bullets, and band aids, I recommend putting in a decent supply of socks and underwear for the whole family. One can get used to wearing old, worn out clothes in TEOTWAWKI, but socks and underwear can be like gold–to help one retain a bit of dignity and morale in a grim aftermath world. Ask any vet how important a pair of clean, fresh socks meant to them. – Ron in Upstate New York

JWR Replies: In addition to dignity and morale, they are also crucial hygiene items. Every family member should have a three week supply. You never know when circumstances might force a delay in doing laundry.

Watch diligently for seasonal sales advertised at discount stores. Also, for some reason tube socks are often sold at bargain prices at flea markets.