Four Letter Re: Healthy Harvest Food Storage and Emergency Supplies

Hello SurvivalBlog Readers:
I just wanted to put in a plug for the newest SurvivalBlog sponsor, Healthy Harvest. I’ve been doing business with Jan for at least 10 years. The customer service is great. Jan has always been prompt and responsive in her communications. Her prices are competitive and her knowledge of products is excellent. If you live in the Southwest Washington/Northwest Oregon area, you can pick up the products in person at her warehouse. While Jan no longer has a retail store, she does offer occasional open warehouse days with food samples and discounts on product. She will let you know about those days if you get on her mailing list. Highly recommended! – C.A. in Oregon

Mr. Rawles,
Jan at Healthy Harvest is a smart lady and very helpful! I use her for 90% of my food storage needs. (I am lucky she is local.) You shouldn’t have any worry having her as an advertiser! She always comes through with the chow. Regards, – Ham

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the info on the food storage company, right where I live. I had no idea! With all the back orders in this business, I’ll definitely back-up my truck when I get home to Washington later this month. – Jerry E. in Vancouver, Washington

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for putting up the link to Healthy Harvest, which I was delighted to see was located not far from me here in Vancouver Washington.
I just got off the phone talking to a nice lady named Jan who works there. Unfortunately, they no longer have a storefront but they do have a warehouse and if you give her a call and make an appointment you can go there and have a little shopping spree. That just made my day! Thanks again! – Bustednuckles