Letter Re: SurvivalBlog Taught an Old Dog Some New Tricks

Thanks for SurvivalBlog. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but this old dog learned the following new tricks from the SurvivalBlog articles and letters.

1. I got fired up after reading the “commo comments” and finally got my Ham radio license.

2. I bought a number of galvanized trash cans and that’s where I now store shelled corn, etc. (Hint! Don’t buy the made-in-China-from-tinfoil cans. [Instead,] get the good ones which are made right here at home.)

3. As a coffee drinker, I now stockpile green coffee beans, which I vacuum pack and store in those galvanized trash cans.)

I could go on, but just those three items more than justify my dime-a-day contribution.

I still live a stone’s throw from the Yellowstone caldera, but I’ve also learned that we can’t eliminate all risks. Some we just have to live with. Stay warm, – Dutch in Wyoming