Letter Re: Home Defense Tactics for the Disabled and the Infirmed

Dear Jim,
I want to endorse Flashlight Outlet who has provided great products, prices and customer service. Larry helped me track a missing package I sent to Hawaii, and offered to replace it if it didn’t show up (it did).
My new acquisition is the OLight T20. I wanted something as bright as my Surefire, but to be able to dial it down when I didn’t need quite that much light. The OLight T20 is even brighter than the Surefire [when set] at max, 160 lumens, with four times the battery life with the same C123s (90 minutes vs 20 for the 120 lumen Surefires), 70 hours at 10 lumens, and has a memory function so it recalls the last set brightness.
In addition, it has a strobe function that can make it a devastating defense weapon. I tried it on myself, and the strobing 160 lumens completely disoriented me, even in indoor light, and left me dazzled for about two minutes. It would make a great addition to any hand to hand encounter with a bad guy.
The price is reasonable, and includes a lanyard, holster and spare gaskets. The electronics are a minor concern for potential failure or EMP damage, though I suspect it would default to max brightness. I’ll still be keeping my Surefires as weapon lights and backup, of course.- Michael Z. Williamson