Give Me That Old-Time Survivalism

Call me old-fashioned or whatever you’d like, but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the plethora of gadgets that are now being sold under the banner of “preparedness”. The latest one mentioned by a reader was this: The Tactical Mirror Sight. Oh yes, and don’t forget the combination vertical foregrip and laser. And while you are at it, get yourself a M-203 look-alike 37mm flare launcher! It isn’t just tacti-cool, it is practically a fashion accessory! Who buys all this stuff? I’m sure that some of the more strident Armchair Commandos over at just can’t wait to unlimber their credit cards and fill up all the quadrants of their gee-whiz, Oh-so-OIF-looking Knight’s Quad-Rails with this Schumer. Sorry folks, but I’m not buying into this Mall Ninja paraphernalia cargo cult.

I’ve said it before and I’ll doubtless feel obliged to say it again: Your chances of survival are not increased so much by what you acquire, but rather by what you know and have practiced. All the gadgets in the world are no replacement for common sense, hands-on experience, and friends that you can trust.

I’m making this post short, for good reason. My message is simple: Don’t fall for the trap of gadgets versus skills. Stick with the basics. Maintain balance and common sense in your retreat logistics procurement. Buy quality gear, and develop a deep larder, but remember that it will be proper training and teamwork that will be 99% of the battle.