Letter Re: Locations of Costco and Other “Big Box” Membership Stores

I often see references [in SurvivalBlog] to Costco [stores]. I have never seen one of their stores. Are they in Canada? I did a search, that was the only place within 50 miles of here that they have a store. – Sid, near Niagara Falls

JWR Replies: There are now Costco stores throughout the United States and selected locations in Canada, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, and the UK. Here is a locator web page for Costco stores. Another “big box” membership store chain with a very similar product selection are the Sam’s Club stores. Here is a locator map for Sam’s Club stores. (They seem to have more locations in upstate New York than Costco.)

OBTW, I describe shopping at “Big Box’ stores for storage foods, cleaning supplies, and other retreat logistics essentials in my “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course