Letter Re: Advice on Dog Breeds for Retreat Security?

Do you have any thoughts about survival dogs, no, not for dinner.
My dog alerts me if anything approaches the cabin, which is generally bears, and sometimes a charging Saber toothed, bushy-tailed, ground squirrel, a wayward mink or martin.
To the point, what about the value of hunting dogs, or breeds that will charge into the dark of night to scurry away unwelcome visitors.
My homeowners insurance is high enough, so I can rule out some of the more aggressive breeds. Thanks, – D.V.

JWR Replies: I have observed that there are as many opinions about “ideal” dog breeds as there are dog breeds. Selecting a breed depends a lot on a family’s particular circumstances. My personal preference is for medium-size “combination” breeds that can serve as watch dogs as well as be trainable for herding and hunting. A couple of good combination breeds are the Airedale Terrier (the largest terrier) and the Standard Poodle.(not to be confused with the dainty Toy Poodle.) I’m sure that some SurvivalBlog readers would care to chime in with their breed suggestions.

I’m not an attorney, so I can’t make any suggestions on reducing civil liability for dog bites other than : A.) Fence the yard around your home (or retreat/home) quite securely, B.) Post your property with warning signs in both English and Spanish, and C.) Do not select a breed with a bad reputation for aggressiveness.