Letter Re: Cell Phone Coverage Maps as a Tool in Choosing Retreat Locales

Greetings, Jim:

Several times you have mentioned using “lights of the night sky” [satellite] pictures to show where people are centralized ([assuming that a greater concentration of] people = trouble) in choosing where not to live/retreat. I have another suggestion: the maps of cell phone companies of their cell coverage. Cell phone coverage means lots of people or major travel routes. if a person wants to find a place to get away from people then looking on the no coverage area of cell phone maps is one tool to use. thanks for a great web site and great books. – RE in Oklahoma

JWR Replies: That is a great idea. You’ve just earned yourself a free copy of my novel “Patriots” and a SurvivalBlog Logo Tile Coaster with our compliments. These are your prizes for a “Blinding Flash of the Obvious” (BFO) award. I’ll add one data point to add credence to your assertion: Here at the Rawles Ranch we don’t have cellular service.