Letter Re: Advice on Aftermarket Barrels for Glock Pistols

I am contemplating purchasing the Glock 21 (.45 ACP). I am concerned that it is not a fully supported chamber, should this be a worry with the low pressure round like the .45 or is it just a factor in the higher pressure round like the .40 caliber. I have larger hands and the grip is not a problem for me. I hear that you can get a replacement barrel that fully supports the round, would you recommend this. Thanks for any help with this matter,

JWR Replies: The Glock 21 is a good choice, especially after adding tritium sights and having a grip reduction done. There are three good reasons to get an aftermarket barrel: 1.) They have traditional rifling, which is less prone to fouling than the polygonal rifling on the Austrian made originals, 2.) As you mentioned, they have a more fully supported chamber, and 3.) It leaves your original barrel available to use as a spare.

My advice: Proceed with your Glock 21 purchase, preferably from a private party at a gun show. Or you can find in-state private party sellers by searching “by state” at www.GunsAmerica.com. Once you have it in hand, have Trijicon or Meprolight tritium sights installed, and send the frame to ArizonaResponseSystems.com for a grip reduction. (Or buy the Glock’s new M21-SF variant, that comes from the factory with a reduced, M1911 contour grip.) Replacement barrels and critical spare parts are available from Lone Wolf Distributors or Glockmeister. As previously mentioned, the best source for extra magazines is probably Natchez Shooters Supply. Buy at least 8 or 9 spares!