Letter Re: Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder Continues to Spread

We opened up our hives this week. This Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has hit us. I’ve ever seen anything like this. We have been told that in the late 1950s and early 1960s there was “Absconding” going on. Just a rough look thusfar leads me to believe that we have 80% losses [of our hive population.]. We are still looking at hives, trying to figure next step. As of today, we are no longer “migratory” beekeepers. We’re gonna need bees here [in North-Central Idaho] just to pollinate the local berry, apple and plum crops. The big orchards in Washington State seem to be in trouble too. Take Care, – The Bee Man, in North-Central Idaho.

JWR Replies: You are in our prayers, Bee Man! Those of you that have read my novel “Patriots” may remember a character in the Barter Faire chapter called The Bee Man. He was based on a real life individual, who is indeed a “real character.”

The full implications of CCD have yet to sink in with both America’s grocers, and America’s grocery shoppers. The humble honeybee pollinates most of our fruit, berry, and nut crops. Come next Fall, there will doubtless be pitiful crop yields and consequently much higher prices at your supermarket. So stock up on nuts that store well, such as almonds. Ditto for canned fruit, fruit preserves, jams, and jellies. Also buy some two gallon buckets of honey. It stores literally for decades. I predict that the price of honey will soon more than double, as the available inventory dwindles. You might as well buy your family a 12 to 15 year supply now, while honey is still relatively cheap and plentiful. Honey was probably already on your “stocking up list.” In light of the news on CCD, this purchase should be bumped up to the top of the priority list.