Letter Re: Rural New York

As you say, the northeast is not so good for a variety of reasons. However, if one has to stay in that area for family, work or any number of other reasons there are areas where one can be more secure than you might expect. For example, I live in Central New York State. Our place is more then 40 miles in any direction to an interstate highway. The entire county has a population of just over 51k and a population density of about 57 per square mile. Most of this is concentrated in a few larger towns at least 18 miles away with 7k-8k of people. The town I live in has about 1000 inhabitants and a population density of about 12.7 per square mile. The area is very hilly and densely forested. The local economy is based on agriculture – mostly dairy, but some beef and a fair number of small holders with sheep, goats, chickens, etc. However, there are high tech operations as well such as aerospace, pharmaceutical, etc. within easy commuting distance. Of course there are 2 smaller cities (Syracuse and Binghamton) within 50-60 miles. NYC is about 230 miles away while Rochester is about 90 and Buffalo about 200.

In a slow slide scenario people will stay where they are and get whatever handouts they can get from government. In TEOTWAWKI scenario, in a few minutes of quality time with my chainsaw I can close off the road and make it difficult for anyone to approach my house. If my saw isn’t working I can still do it with a handsaw/axe – although it will take more time 😉 I’d imagine that this would happen everywhere so vehicular travel anywhere but on the interstates (they are a bit wide to drop a tree across!) would become difficult quite rapidly. Not even ATVs can get over a decent log snag.

Another thing that one has to remember is that in a TEOTWAWKI situation, for about four months out of the year in this area – unless you are equipped – you aren’t going anywhere. Also, if you aren’t equipped, you ARE going to die from the cold. I am amazed by the number of people in this area who have lived here all there lives who do not have appropriate winter clothing, have no backup heating system, etc.! If TSHTF in the winter most people will die off before they get out of the city because they do not have the proper gear. Even if they do, walking through anything more than a few inches of snow is more than even a fit person can handle for much distance. So, in TEOTWAWKI scenario, for about 1/3 of the year we would be isolated by mother nature. Anyhow, these are my thoughts on the matter. Hopefully not too delusional. One must make the best of one’s own situation. BTW I do enjoy SurvivalBlog and read it virtually every day. Sincerely, – T.P.