Letter Re: Optimism, Survival Mindset, and Television

Regarding your statement: “A lot of people are starting to wake up and recognize the fragility of our society.” I really wish I had your optimism. I’m afraid I don’t give the sheeple any credit any more. By sheeple I mean the general public. I just don’t have any respect for the sheeple left at all. They could cry that they “didn’t know” before 9/11 but they have no excuse in my book now a days. I think Paul describes today’s people pretty well in his epistles. To be honest, I fear for our Country.

One of the biggest problems IMO is TV. People were starting to prepare, store a little food, buy gas masks, etc. after 9/11. Then a month later the TV was bashing them for it. Once it was “out of the norm” again, the sheeple gave up. I can’t imagine living my life based on TV influences. We stopped watching TV when we moved in 99 and it has been great. We selectively watch movies, that’s it.

Freeing oneself of the mental chains put on by TV/media is one of the biggest problems I see with survivalists now a days. Whether they realize it or not, a lot of “there” opinions come directly from the talking heads, “opinion polls” and the news. You see it all the time on the message boards. People who say they are conservatives but espouse liberal thinking and attitudes.

Survivalists need to re-learn how to think for themselves. I’ve met so many who were good people, motivated, etc. but just could not think outside the box to solve any problem. Survival situations are going to require outside the box type thinking. One of my favorite movie lines is: “Improvise, overcome, adapt!”, from Heartbreak Ridge.

I think every survivalist should go one year without watching regular TV and note the change in his attitude, mental and physical abilities (hard to sit on your butt drinking beer and watching TV if their’s nothing to watch!). It tends to bring the Family closer also.
Long rant, sorry. Once again, thanks for your efforts! – R.H.