Letter Re: Multi-Fuel Carburetor Kits

Excellent blog, sir. I read it every day. I’ve also read Patriots several times, I’m on my second copy.
I live in Illinois. (I know, I know, I’m working on it.) I wouldn’t even ask how low Illinois was rated, if it were me doing the rating it would be near the bottom for many reasons; gun laws, high taxes, corrupt politicians, terrible roads, and overcrowding anywhere near Chicago. High insurance rates of all kinds, high crime rate, and the weather stinks. There is a pretty long growing season, more than some of the western states you discuss, and there used to be plenty of work here. That’s not the case anymore, due to many reasons you’re no doubt aware of from your research. On to the main reason for my post: In regards to the dual fuel letter from The Army Aviator, these kits are still available from several dealers. I just bought and installed a tri-fuel kit for my 5 KW genny. I can now run it on gasoline, natural gas, and propane–either the large tanks or 20 pound tanks. Total cost was about $220 shipped. The conversion took about 1 hour, but could probably be done a little quicker. I took my time and made sure I didn’t miss anything. The conversion can be done with gasoline in the tank, no problem. I tried it on propane from a 20 pound tank, and it works great! The genny runs smoother on propane than it did on gasoline. And of course propane stores much safer and longer [than gasoline]. I bought my kit from U. S. Carburetion, but there are several other suppliers. Google or other search engines will find them.