Letter Re: Request for Clarification Regarding Diesel Engine Invulnerability to EMP

Jim, after checking out the articles on the best transportation during EMP, I’m a little confused. I read, but may not have
understood, that the older pickups (1988) with diesel engines were best. Also that 1994 and older were best, and that
the newer trucks are protected today. Can someone help since I am looking for a diesel pickup? – G.C.

JWR Replies: Frankly, I’m also a bit befuddled by the conflicting data. Perhaps some kind soul out there that has more knowledge on the subject than I do can clarify exactly which makes/vintages of diesel engines are EMP resistant, and which are not. (I have never owned a diesel, since the exhaust fumes give the Memsahib headaches. So I’ve never studied this subject in detail.)