Letter From The Goat Lady Re: Free Survival Medicine Reference

In your spare time (LOL) you might want to check out this book, downloadable free at http://www.aussurvivalist.com/downloads/AM%20Final%202.pdf or hard copy at http://www.cafepress.com/austeremed.23362365
Survival and Austere medicine would be a REALLY handy thing to have in a SHTF situation as it’s practical info, field tested, and doable by a non-medical person.  All the authors are in the medical field either as MDs, EMTs, RNs, etc.  They knoweth what they are doing and talking about.  Chapter 8 is really good on herbs, preps, uses, and the content is approved by the above listed medical personal.  I think Chapter 8 is really good for beginner or experienced herb users (I should think it’s great – I wrote it). 
Anyway, try to find time to give it a peruse – it may be helpful to lots of your readers – the authors do not get any kickback or anything – this was a labor of love and caring, and is a free download for anyone.  Best, Norma aka Goatlady