Hurricane Katrina Update:

I’m sorry that I can no longer send many personal replies to your emails. I hope that you understand that I have to concentrate my effort and make the best use of my time. I’ll try to primarily cover the aspects of Hurricane Katrina that are getting overlooked by the MSM.

First and foremost, the following brief e-mail from B.D.B. in Baton Rouge:

I just found this site. It’s a blog from a guy down in the central business district of New Orleans that still has access to the Internet. I think he also has a web cam that he’s trying to keep available.

JWR Adds: A simply amazing blog. Talk about “first person” reporting! Follow the photo link URLs. Its like looking at news footage of Beirut in the 1980s…

Next, this e-mail from regular blog contributor B.H.:

Just spoke to my father who is a driver out of Birmingham, Alabama. He is gassed up and ready to get to South Georgia to a small town of Thomasville to pick up ice. They are making and bagging around the clock. He will caravan with five other trucks to Meridian, MS where the Army is staging 200+ semi’s at the state fairgrounds. They have set up a secure temporary truck stop with showers and three squares-a-day.

They must wait to be deployed with full armed escort vehicles to deliver to disaster zone. There is no diesel fuel from Mile Marker 50 at near Atmore, Alabama until you get to East Texas. Ice and water are being brought in from Missouri, Arkansas and as far away as Illinois.

The only access to NawLens is from the West-Zero access from all other sides.

Lastly, a tip of the hat to Claire Wolfe‘s blog for pointing me to this interesting discussion on the nationwide ramifications of Hurricane Katrina.

More tomorrow… Stay tuned.