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Two Letters Re: Silver Deliveries and Nosy Deliverymen


We have ordered both ammo and silver through the mail from time to time and my response to my nosy FedEx guy is that it’s batteries for my UPS or the lawn mower. – WKJ

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Regarding MF’s problem with the UPS driver being curious [1], first of all, the driver knew it wasn’t bullets by the lack of an ORM-D label. It was probably insured, and the drivers know that, too.

Tell him you’re getting into developing a wildcat cartridge loading and the box is full of custom machined solid copper bullets in say .284 caliber with a custom profile. His eyes will go up and left, then he will blink and act like he knows what your talking about. That story would make the weight and the insurance sensible. Chances are you’ve been made by the driver, so you should be very careful where you hide the silver and watch your back. Trust your UPS drive as much as you would a policeman; don’t tell him (or the cop) any more than you need to, and keep it short and sweet. – FB

Hugh Adds: Our UPS driver always makes conversation upon deliveries. We never lie, but we don’t discuss the contents either. They know it’s none of their business and any silver/gold deliveries are lost among all the other deliveries. It’s the modern way to shop. If you don’t give it away, they won’t guess. Most people are selling their silver/gold right now rather than buying it.