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Letter Re: American Citizenry Preparedness — Columbia University Study

I sent a preparedness study [from Columbia University] to your attention a few weeks ago; I could not find the online source document. Since it showed up in my media scanning again today, I tried to track it down a little better. I have below some associated links, and the home page (which has a great deal of additional info on it:

Preparedness Study News Article
[1] Columbia University Projects Web Page
[2] Columbia University Research Page
[3] Columbia University Index Page
As a side note, I purchased Arbogast’s “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course [5].; it has much well thought out content. FYI, Costco no longer sells the hand sanitizer in the large containers, it has been discontinued, according to the store employee, but no reason given. My personal cost analysis has in this AO [6] (Ottawa, Canada–temporarily for me), a dollar store sanitizer product as my best buy. I just buy a few and refill the older large container.
Thanks for your good work, and broadcast loudly the release of your Rawles on Retreats and Relocation [7] book; I am looking hard at touring Idaho and western Montana for a few acres near a small town. Thanks again, and here are the links. – William