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  1. I would like to know which SAK you used that came to pieces by using it with which amount of force?

    I carry SAK`s for years and i´d never one break on me, but i never abused one on super hard Tasks , i wouldn´t expect a KA BAR or Glock to survive that either, nor even hard ones.

    1. I don’t think Mr. Cascio was picking on a particular brand of Swiss Army Knife; that title has been applied to all manner if knives that resemble the originals made in Switzerland. It’s possible he has focusing his comment to cheap knock off versions. I used to be a Victorinox dealer and hands down they are some of the best built knives on the market and are THE true Swiss Army Knives. Wenger is now part ofnthe same company. I sold many and the only breakage I ever saw was when a customer used the blade and excessive force to try to pry something apart. Blades are for cutting, not prying. Anyway, I’ve had several Victorinox and Wenger SWKs in my collection for decades and one is a daily carry for 30 years. Never a problem and all the tools work just fine today. It really is hard to beat a Victorinox, especially their larger folders.

      That said, Zero Tolerance makes very nice folders. This one appears to be a very nicely made knife and everything from materials to look and feel all seem to work well together. I almost never spend more than $75 on a folder but am looking for a knife that becomes my daily carry heavy duty knife (won’t be in my pocket, it’ll be in my backpack or on my belt because I don’t like the weight in my pockets). I’ll add this one to my list which currently has a Benchmade, Spyderco, Kershaw and now Zero Tolerance on it. My opinion only but every man who is interested in self sufficiency should own one high quality folder.

      I picked up a G96 at a second hand shop for $12 with leather sheath and refinished to like new condition. Made in Patterson NJ and the steel really holds an edge beatifully. They resemble the Buck 110 folder. Sometimes a good used knife feels just as good in the hand. If you can’t afford a top quality folder like the one Mr Cascio is recommending then keep your eyes open. I find mine while visiting second hand and antiue stores on business trips.

      1. Hey Chris, glad to hear someone say something positive about Swiss Army knives. I’ve been carrying a Tinker for 40+ years and couldn’t live without it. Just the right size so I hardly notice it in my front pocket. I don’t even own a can opener in the house because I can have my Tinker out and deployed before I could even get a kitchen drawer opened. The toothpick, of course, is the best part of it. Actually lost the key to my kipper snacks one time on a backpacking trip so the one on the awl worked like a charm.

        I do have 15 other knives, but for everyday practicality, nothing beats the Tinker for me. Easy to hide from TSA scanners as well! 🙂

      2. I called these the loss loaners as I like to carry them to Events and if they got lost, but these aren´t [genuine] Swiss Army Knives (SAKs).

        Yesterday I took the small SAK in my Hands my grandma gifted me for my first Scandinavian camping trip in my Teens. I opened cans for 20 people with it over 30 years ago

  2. This was a good honest article about ZT. I have owned 3 of them. I, like you lost one and quickly replaced it with another. I am 71yoa and have used knives since I was 8yoa. A Barlow was my first one and I still have it. Now, about these knives, I have a heavy duty one, model 0350 that is a tank. Great for my bugout bag if needed but usually carried around the homestead. My other model is a 0450, and is great because of the lightweight and size. It handles most chores around the house. The quality of these knives is absolutely the best I have ever owned. They are the most expensive also. I was buying german pumas in the 70s for $35 and up. They still are great knives to compare to. I have learned a blade must have vanadium in it to hold an edge. And that they do. I agree with your assessment of the blade steel and modern methods.

  3. “Sure, some are made overseas, but made under strict quality control, and they are not made in slave labor factories.” Then why are they made overseas??

      1. Sorry, many Kershaw knives are made in communist China… slaves labour, cheap labour… Cold Steel Bushman – also made in communist China…Taiwan is very different, another quality…
        I stick with my Victorinox Camper from 2011… 0 problems… and with Victorinox SwissTool X – perfect, lifetime warranty.

  4. Thanks for the review Pat. I’ve got an older 0301 that is part of my EDC sling pack.
    I get a chuckle whenever I see it. It rattles when you shake it. Once it’s open, it’s solid as a rock.
    It’s just a solid piece of kit that I can rely on.

  5. I’ll stick with my Leathermans for the repairs when I’m on the road, and Benchmade for the pocket carry. If by chance I need to open any cans then an old P-51 is still hanging on my key chain.

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