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  1. Leaving the pavement due to lack of visibility in blizzard conditions, even in torrential rainstorms, presents the danger of collision from oncoming traffic. Flares, flashlights, fluorescent orange colored traffic triangles should be displayed well behind the vehicle. The flashing warning lamps on a vehicle are too little too late. Removal from the vehicle must be considered if conditions warrant. The chance of survival from a roll-over semi-truck onto your disabled vehicle alongside the road is not good.

    1. As an EMT, I’ve seen cases where a vehicle leaves the road in a snowstorm thinking they will be safe, but the traffic following them simply followed the ruts their tires made in the snow thinking it was the actual road resulting in a rear-end collision “off the road”.
      If you must leave the road and cannot leave your vehicle, it is best to pull off on a perpendicular side road/driveway or at least make sure your tracks have a very sharp turn as they leave the road. The gradual rolling pullover most often performed is a recipe for disaster.

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