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  1. Utah is not as ready as many believe. The LDS church ask them to prepare but many do not. The New house, Car, Cloths, and of course the New and best in Electronics. We have to have all the new cell phones and I Pads,And of course the BIG screen TV. Now how can I afford to buy bulk food? They don’t!
    There answer is I’ll ask the Bishop for food and supply’s. Guess what Most of them no longer think any thing will happen. And so it goes.
    The LDS church has a lot of supply’s and It may or may note be available.Depending on the Government and what they may take as well as members who may try and help themselves. It will be dog eat dog.
    Don’t depend on the Church,as most don’t plan on anything happening. Make your own plan and preps.
    Gods blessings to all.

    1. Interesting. Either way we’d be screwed. You’re probably right though. In 1840 they had a huge infrastructure in place of industrialization, farming etc that did not depend on electricity. If we lost the grid today, we lose 100% of everything. There is literally no societal contingency plan for such an event. Thinking further, maybe even 1240 would be better off. Even then, they had a feudal system in place that organized society by land owners, artisans, farmers etc.
      I think if we totally lost the grid, we would be more like cave men living in modern homes with no sewage, plumbing and no light. It’d go south pretty quick.

  2. How do you plan to survive without compressed oxygen? Do you have a portable O2 concentrator that can run off of solar? Do you have a 10+ year supply of membranes?

    1. yes to

      portable “inogin” batt concentrator plus
      a standard floor model concentrator plus
      12 solar panels that move with the sun plus
      a powerful wind turbine plus
      a bank of 12each 6 volt gel batts in the garage plus
      a full blown sw radio system

  3. Old Bobbert, After 9/11/01 everyone jumped on the preparedness bandwagon. Our state, county, city plus church regional,stake and local leaders all developed emergency plans. The state got federal funding and free CERT and First Aid programs were offered everywhere.

    My church had me establish both congregational and family plans to determine actual preparedness of families, individuals and groups. Then a 12 month plan was designed to help families purchase, grow, preserve food within a budget. Most church activities centered around a preparedness theme so folks could learn ‘how to’.

    I was assigned to work with the city to design a full day ‘preparedness fair’ held at our church. The city provided all types of support and training and our church provided mini-classes and teachers for major preparedness topics. The city advertised the fair on TV and newspapers and we had local reporters covering the fair. It was considered to be a huge success with several hundred attendees from all over the city.

    A couple of years later, central Florida experienced three hurricanes within 3 months. Again, everyone beat the preparedness drum. That lasted for about 15 months before folks when back to their usual brain dead motions.

    Now days, nobody gives a hoot; they just want the government to give them stuff. Even the church members expect to be given whatever they ask for, not just what they need. In our area, there is a new era of ‘tough love’ when folks come to the church leaders demanding items. Those who are physically able are required to perform some sort of labor or service, depending on their age and circumstances. The complaints and non-compliance are amazing! And this is under our current economy and situation; just think what will happen when there really is an event of some kind!!

    1. I also feel a call to help our church prepare for any upcoming disaster or new way of life but I am not sure where to start. I would like to put something together to present a plan to the deacon board. Can you point me in the right direction. I do like the idea of a “preparedness fair” also. Blessings to you and all those who read this blog.

      1. Hi Nana,
        1st … contact your local level(s) , town & county, of government and inquire about what may have already been done as far as an emergency response plan being i place now.
        also contact the local utility management, your local chamber , your local inter-faith church group, etc for the same type of response planning.
        2nd .. do a search engine search like this “small town emergency response planning ‘ where you will there find some good starting places.
        3rd,, talk to your paster about his support. talk to the deacons about how they, as individuals, feel about emergency response. and’ write notes on every thing you do or say or hear or read!!!
        4th.. get a partner x two, because as a trio of like minded members of your church, you will get more done faster and easier, with far fewer mistakes and
        5th .. rely heavily on help from God, check out the new testament book of James, chapter 1, verses 1 to 10 with top billing on the wonderful message to all of us in verse 5
        good luck
        old bobbert / bob

  4. Thanks for the article. It reminds me I need to stock up on some of my wife’s prescriptions. Any recommendations for online pharmacies that do not require prescriptions?

  5. 911 is over sixty minutes from my home on a good day! Things like fire, defense, or medical issues are things I must deal with or do without! If it can wait an hour or more, then it most likely was not an emergency or it is too late to matter.

    I work in emergency medicine and do not know a single provider able to handle mass needs. They simple do not have the manpower, equipment, or budget to handle more than everyday expected needs. Emergency or not, I want a better plan than listening to a busy signal!

      1. Old Bobbert: hang in there. we’re not done till God says we’re thru. My hubby has COPD at 81. He only has 15% lung capacity. Medical folks say he should have been dead years ago. Stubborn old geezer.


    1. Government regulation and recording are a relatively recent phenomenon (last 100-150 years). In the past the churches and families maintained records of births, deaths and marriages. Only with the advent of taxes did the government find the need to record it.

  6. My wife and I looked for land from New York, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, and Utah. We ruled Utah immediately out when the real estate agent told us there is a $40,000 flat charge to drill for water in the state of Utah. Not sure if that was the entire state or just the area near Powell where we were looking. We settled on land in the Redoubt for obvious reasons. Good article.

    1. YES, THE copd is the unintended results of 55 yeas of smoking. Kathy took me to the emergency room on dec 18th at noon with what we thought was the flu. . i do not remember admission but i do remember waking upon a hospital bed in restraints at about 8 pm, on dec 28th.I had lost 35 lbs while in a coma. I said no to smoking 10-15 times daily forth next 6 years and then my church local leaders called me as a volunteer in our 12 step addiction recovery program. On my 4th meeting i realized that I had not wanted a smoke since the 1st recovery meeting.This is very unusual. the folks there that nite say they saw me at the moment of release from the need to smoke. Now Kathy and I are assigned leaders 4 our group weekly. we love it!

  7. It sounds like you’ve got things figured out, your health problems are a huge disadvantage but being able to generate electricity might give you some barter potential. Do you have a stash of rechargeable batteries?
    I’ve got a couple older neighbors I’ve know for over 20 years, I’m often helping them out plowing snow and such. I figure when everything tanks I’ll take care of them, maybe you have generated a similar relationship with your neighbors.

  8. The State Government and National Guard do not plan and prepare realistically. The upper echelon are political appointees – normally lawyers – and the lower echelon are eight hour employees. There is no imagination or grit.

    Being a member of the State EMC staff for four years I am appalled at their unpreparedness.

    Literally and/or figuratively speaking, if the Russian tanks are crashing through or Chinese hordes are racing by, 12 to 18 months producing a finalized plan ain’t cutting it. That is just the plan…that doesn’t even include preparation. And, as you pointed out, there are four layers of dedicated people waiting for guidance.

    When all the government levels finally report in and attempt to order “goods and services” they will be horribly surprised when they compete for the same “goods and services”. When the music stops, multiple commercial and government agencies would have planned on the same resources. The prep part (unsure where it fit in the execution timeline – after the plan?) means having the resources in your back pocket and all who will use to be trained up.

    Take the lead for your family.

    Additionally, good job to the LDS community. I am not a member but am impressed at their attempt to be team oriented.


  9. Comments on the Yellowstone Fallout and Nuclear fallout. Watch out for the jet stream. It wiggles up and down daily. It can go directly south for a ways then back to east then north east etc. The only safe places are west of the starting area. The Japanese used it to sent balloons with incendiaries to start forest fires in Oregon. They had limited success with this. The real surprise is they had enough knowledge about the jet stream to pull this off successfully. We didn’t find out about it until the B29 bombers started reporting the head and cross winds they were running into on their bomb runs.

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