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  1. I went to Honduras in the 2000’s with as Air National Guard medical unit to provide care for some of the population as humanitarian aid provided by the United States.
    We would travel to villages away from population centers to provide medical care. For nearly all of the people we treated it would be their only contact with a physician in years.

    We always had a U.S. Marine security detail accompany us and I spoke with one of them, a young man maybe 20-years-old. Just thinking about the possibility of as encounter with unfriendly folks I enquired about what the range was for his zero on the M-16.

    He said they had never zeroed their rifles. Just collected them from the armory each day.

    Yeah, I was amazed and not happy to realize these guys had never adjusted the sights on their weapons!

    And for the military folks out there who know the medical personnel are non-combatants, I was with Combat Camera along with my partner and we were the only ones who could legally pick up a rifle for basic defense.

  2. Extremely important points you’re making ; most if not all of my firearms are zeroed and for certain manufacture for homemade rounds as well

  3. Wow, this article is right on time. Just about to finish a retro A1 and was looking for a place to shoot it along with my A2. I surely do need some trigger time, its been far too long.


  4. Last weekend, I put a new Holosun optic on my AR. Looked great! However, when I flipped up the BUIS, the green dot that should have indexed with the front sight was off to the right far more than I would like or expect.

    A good reminder that you can’t plop an optic on a gun and expect it to shoot where it should. I’ll be at the range over Memorial Day weekend to address the problem.

  5. Learned to shoot with a single shot 22 then graduated to a single shot 20 gauge. Kind of the original less is more mentality where you needed to be intentional. An unexpected bonus for me has been a fixed income, which again, leads to the less is more mentality in that you can’t just go out and buy shiney stuff; you have be deliberate and choose wisely.

  6. I agree with the article we have a zero day once in a while. Bring everything you need to zero. I think we must of setup over a dozen rifles and found one scope to be junk and sent it back.

    Train now and kill later. Learning how to properly mount a scope has been critical for me. A slight cant [of the crosshairs] will throw off your shots at longer distances too.

  7. Project Appleseed is indeed a good program to learn how to shoot. Revere’s Riders is a group that picks up where Project Appleseed leaves off. Revere’s Riders will teach you rifle marksmanship using 22LR at 25 yards, just like Project Appleseed. It will also teach you to shoot a pistol, carbine tactics, etc.

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