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Two Letters Re: Stocking Up on Prescription Medications

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Mr. Rawles:

I have found no problems in getting the meds I need in bulk. I simply do not use the insurance. If you have co-pays, your co-pay generally is the cost of the medication. Do some calling to Costco and Sam’s [Club] (in the state of Florida you do not have to be a member to use the pharmacy.) [JWR Adds: I believe this is true nationwide under a Federal law that assures universal access to pharmacies.] Ask for the cash price and at least for generics you will be surprised to find out how inexpensive they can be. Then have that sympathetic doctor write the scrip for however many you want. I bought a bottle of 2000 Tetracycline after 9/11 for $20 from Costco. And you can tell the pharmacy you do not want to use the insurance and there is no law that says you have to.
Also do not discount the help of a sympathetic veterinarian. They will not likely write anything that\ cannot be used on animals but you would be surprised what you can get. Imagine you had to treat a huge tank of koi with erythromicyn. If you buy it at the pet store the price is outrageous but if you have cultivated a vet- they can write a large bottle that you would be able to grind up and drop in the pond.
I have a few bottles of other things that might be useful as well. You can get a bucket of the active ingredient of robitussin at Costco, the same with their generic loperimide,these items would be great if
one had a bad case of bird flu or regular and you needed symptomatic treatment. Also just ordered a huge container of generic silvadene. I found a recipe for oral rehydration that you can make in the kitchen. I buy their bottles of generic Benadryl: 400 for $3.69. keep it simple and use your head.
There are other ways to get antibiotics as well. If you have a doc, call on the weekend- saturday morning and have an ear ache or a sinus infection and I have yet to have a doc refuse to call in a a scrip. Also
if you are going to be traveling for an extended period out of the country they are likely to write you one to carry with you as well. I went to England and the doc wrote me a cipro and another for my sinus
which sometimes gets infected. Now I could just have as easily not been traveling…. – Granny Woman


Dear James,
In order to get a very nice stash of antibiotics, you must begin to think compassionately about your fish. Everybody reading this blog is of course planning to someday start a nice survivalist fishpond and needs to get bottles of pharmaceutical grade, gel capsules, of fish antibiotics, that just happen by coincidence to be packaged in pills in dosages identical to what humans take. But that is sheer coincidence, and you are buying this for your fish of course, because the bottles say “not for human consumption” by law, even though they are what humans take already, and there are tons of doomers out there using them who swear by them, though of course you are-as I said-only getting them for your fish- or dogs.
Do a google search under Veterinary supplies. I was happy with California Veterinary Supply [4] and Liz there assured me that the products are stored in climate controlled buildings.

See their site for the many antibiotics that they stock [5]. Plus flagyl for giardia. Plus fungal. Plus other nice medical things. For your dogs and fish of course.
Here are some human dosages, just since we are on the subject, just so you know, since your dog weighs as much as an adult and I just want to be helpful.

DISCLAIMER – I am not a doctor, I found these dosages online or used them with pharmacy products for humans.
My MD dermatologist uses Keflex, some use amoxy or doxy….
Keflex 500 mg 2xdaily, for 3 weeks
Doxy 100 mg 2x daily, 3 weeks ( I had a horrible sun sensitivity reaction and hate the stuff, but my primary MD prefers it for Lyme disease.)
Amoxy, 500 mg 3x daily, 3 weeks
Keflex 250 mg, 2Xdaily
MYCOPLASMAL PNEUMONIA (if your dog has asthma, you might want to get this)
Tetracycline 500 mg 2x daily, 10 days
( preferred is Biaxin 500 mg 2 x daily for 10 days, or one 6 pack of zithromaz-azithromycin)
Amoxy 500 mg 3x daily 2-3 weeks ( I had it really bad)…..my kids were only on 250 mg 3 x daily for 2 weeks.
GIARDIA: (“Beaver fever”) Flagyl: not sure of the dosage, you’d better check. But if you’ve ever had giardia you better think about this. I’ve had it three times and was in bed for a week. I am of course only thinking of my dogs and fish, not me. Hope this helps. – Lyn