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Two Letters Re: EMP Effect and Pacemakers

While case-by-case circumstances can effect the practicality of many alternatives, there are external pacing and monitoring options. The Zoll Company for example has just released a type of vest, worn similar to a brassiere with a fanny pack (battery pack). This device consistently performs cardiac monitoring and when a shockable rhythm presents itself the device does just that. More archaic methods would involve adhesive defibrillation or subcutaneous pacing patches and a cardiac monitor, while the monitors can be significantly expensive, older models are available at online auction sites. Both the aforementioned devices can be recharged, and more importantly, stored in a Faraday cage to protect them from an EMP. Neither would be as convenient as implanted devices but in a pinch could be just the thing to keep that ticker going.  – John, EMT-P.

Dear Editor:
You aren’t safe even when it is not an EMP. See this Vice article. [1]
Furthermore, no wireless devices are likely to be safe, including Simplisafe. [2]
Don’t trust anything wireless for anything important.
Regards, – T.Z.