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  1. Great advice. I can’t tell you how many trips to the hardware store occurred while doing projects in the past. My husband and I were 20 and 23 when we built our first house, and I can tell you, you get wiser with age when it comes to prepping for a project. Your advice on visiting museums for demonstrations and attending local informational seminars is also helpful, as I have invested in some poorly written books that don’t explain steps appropriately and left me in need of further instruction. People who have “been there, done that ” are the greatest sources.

  2. As we’ve gotten on the older side we’ve sought out easier ways to do things. So I really liked your idea of preplannig your projects. We endeavor to do that in order to save energy. And yes it surely does save time and often money.

  3. Yes, you nailed it.

    For years, I’ve focused on non-energy input means of food preserving, etc. Not that I don’t have an alternative energy system in my preps, but yeah, we should all choose multi-generational collapse as the foundation of our preps.

    In my case, I use a brake bleeding pump with Tilia Mason jar adapters to vacuum-store my dry and dehydrated goods in Mason jars.

    During the summer I use the dashboard of one of my pickup trucks as a dehydrator. I actually got rid of an electrical unit and kept the trays. There’s even an actual prep item that was featured in the docudrama “After Armageddon,” where the interior of a Volkswagen van was gutted out and replaced with a giant rack system for multiple dehydrator trays.


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