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  1. The 1911 model has a significant fan base that spans over a century. I inherited my grandfathers WWII Colt with ivory grips when I was 18 and it was a joy to shoot (sadly it was stolen two years later). I bought my first decent 1911 about two years ago (a Springfield Armory Operator with factory night sites). Extremely accurate and it matches some of the higher end 1911s I’ve tried.

    I have considered the Taurus on occasion but I didn’t like the trigger or how the slide fit so I stayed away. Full disclosure – there are some Taurus models I really like so I can’t paint the manufacturer’s products with the same brush.

    With so many 1911 manufacturers and models out there it’s easy to find something in the same price class as the Taurus that offers a better shooting experience. I really liked a couple of the Rock Island Armory models I tried and they are priced very competitively, and require very little work to turn them into a serious competitor to higher end pistols.

  2. Pat: You should focus on the Taurus G2C 9mm! I got one for $200, got an upgrade kit from Lakeland LLC for $55, got the fiber optic sight set for $40. Now I have one h**l of a great concealed carry pistol that holds 13 rounds (one in the tube). I test fired and after 200 rounds not even one FTF or FTE!! Fantastic pistol, that many LEOs carry as back-up pistols, as they are so reliable (striker fired). Get one, and you will never be sorry!!!!

  3. I don’t own a Taurus 1911. I do own a Taurus Judge. It is my favorite truck gun. I use it almost daily. I live in big serpent country, and the Judge is the very best for this purpose. There is a great selection of various ammo for the .410 and .45 long colt. I think it is the most versatile gun on the market. The .45 long colt has been around a long time. It will stop a wild hog . Or use number 6 shot and stop a cotton mouth moccasin with good results for both. Look at a Judge.

  4. It’s been true for as long as I can remember. Never, ever, EVER, buy a Taurus in semi-automatic. Their revolvers are just fine. But the semi’s have a well earned reputation as being junk. Each their own, but you will never convince me otherwise.

  5. Back in the 90’s I was an FFL dealer, I would recommend the Taurus revolvers but would warn against any of their semi-autos. Seems some things never change.

  6. Sheesh what bad batch of production pistols. I have up and down results with Taurus. Had a 709 Slim 9mm that worked with any ammo flawlessly. Then I bought a .380 Curve. Would not feed my 90gr Horandy JHP handloads, nor any factory bullet with a conical shape. Fed Barnes semi conical fine. But the worst was it would NOT eject a live round when you wanted to unload it. The ejector wouldn’t kick out the round not matter how swiftly or emphatically you worked the slide. Sent it back to Taurus for repair. Got it back 3 weeks later- they didn’t do anything same issue. Traded it at a Cabelas. Now I do have a 4inch .44 magnum Tracker revolver stainless that has never had any issues despite me feeding it hundreds of hot handloads. And I have the Beretta clone in stainless, the PT 92 that also is just fine, no issues. So quality seems to be sort of iffy with those guys. Weird.

  7. I have one of the stainless PT 1911’s, and it’s been a great gun! Not once has it jammed, and it’s sent thousands of .45 acp rounds down-range. Perhaps I just got lucky with my particular pistol, but it’s one of my go-to weapons. To be honest though, I AM looking at one of the Sig 1911’s!

  8. Although I could shoot the Taurus .38 revolver more accurately than my Springfield XD9, the Taurus had mechanical issues. I do not like handguns much, even the Springfield, but do own a few out of necessity. Although I cannot afford the one I might enjoy shooting, I will insist on rock solid reliability. The Glock 43X would be my choice today, because it affordable and reliable, no question, and easier to carry. The best one is the one you have on you. Portability is right behind reliability on my list. The price of mags is next. It’s not the razor, but the blades that can get ya, and we’d want lots and lots. The handgun is a last resort weapon, and many a combat vet have reported to myself that they never had need of one, however there was one exception. If needed, one would need it a lot! (BTW, I am a returning poster, reader and inhabitant of the Redoubt since 2007.)

  9. Never been a fan of the out dated 1911. So many modern guns have out classed it. It’s a fun range toy and historical pistol. No real value in carry as a edc.

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