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  1. Some readers may find this site interesting, although with highly technical content for epidemiologists that you may have to wade through about the outbreaks, but would be a place to find leading indicators of contagious threats. You can subscribe to email updates.


  2. Radioactive Cloud:

    I wonder if we are going to have another run on Detection Equipment like after The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster (2011, March 11).

    Afterwards, I remember going into a Subway for a sandwich, and a customer had the sandwich maker run a Geiger counter over the tuna, to make sure it wasn’t contaminated.

    RADEX RD1503+ with Dosimeter (Outdoor Version): High accuracy geiger counter, radiation detector

    RAD Triage 50 Personal Radiation Detector for wallet or pocket

    NukAlert™ nuclear radiation detector / monitor (keychain attachable) alarm

    NukAlert-ER Handheld Geiger Counter Radiation Detector / Dosimeter / Alarm / 0.001 mR/hr to 600,000 mR/hr – From Background Radiation or Radiation in Food or Water to 600 Rads/Hr (Lethal Fallout) / USB Computer Connection / Rads or Sieverts
    Currently unavailable. Govt Sales Only Until Further Notice (3/17)



  3. Consider solid brass or even better, solid copper doorknobs and push plates for doors and frequently touched places in your home if you want to avoid contamination.

    Metal that is 95 percent or more copper will kill every bacterium and every virus on it within about half an hour, if I remember correctly.

    The sterilization rate drops sharply, the less copper that there is in the metal.

    The knobs are more expensive, but well worth it if you don’t like meningitis, tuberculosis, or other nasty diseases that can be transmitted through touched objects.

    You can also use lever knobs, which can be used to open doors without using your hands at all. Elbows will do.

    Pure copper doorknobs are horribly expensive, and hard to find, and would make someone a very nice business if they can fabricate metal.

    1. University of Pittsburgh hospitals resorted to this ancient answer when threatened with shutdown to a uncontrolled acquired infection epidemic that killed many patients( all antibiotics were ineffective and cleaning/sterilization lasted hours at best)

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