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  1. Re: the “knockout game”, it is impossible not to notice in most if not all of these instances that the “players” are young African-American males, and the victims are mostly white. I’ve yet to see this distinction mentioned in any of these articles, although I’m sure if the “players” races were reversed, this would most certainly be highlighted in every story.

  2. Re: Government Housing Scam
    I seem to recall something about the government in New Orleans (a “Chocolate City” according to its mayor, Ray Nagin)- oh yes-liberal throughout. That characteristic alone means it is incompetent, indifferent or both. Sadly, stories such as these will continue until those responsible- the government officials involved- are required to make restitution out of their own pockets rather than taxpayers.

  3. Whenever I’m in “knockout territory “ I slip my folding knife into my dominant hand, unopened. This simple act raises my SA level significantly, puts my mind in a”danger imminent “ mode.

    1. The NRA has come out in support of banning bump stocks and specialty trigger assemblies among other innocuous devices.
      May want to steer your disposable income to Gun Owners of America instead.

  4. Re Knockout “game:” it’s not a “cruel prank.” It’s a vicious assault with intent to commit grave bodily harm. People have died from such blows. When perpetrators start getting shot on a regular basis for trying, it will stop.

  5. I used to live in communist Eugene, OR and purchased a Silvefire Survivor rocket stove at the Silverfire store there. The man who owns the company claims to have helped develop the Stovetec gasifier stoves. He has some very interesting designs and is very passionate about his products. I haven’t had the need to use mine but have tried it out and found it to be quite efficient.

  6. It should be called the “sucker punch” game because the ones I’ve seen caught on video, the victim never saw it coming. The best defense is to stay far away from liberal cities, which I do anyway, with or without the “game.”

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