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  1. Hometown Surveillance: Unfortunately Trump is proving himself to be a willing and useful tool of the leviathan state, even to the point of delaying the release of hundreds of files (thousands of documents) related to the JFK assassination. Come on now, national security, really? After 54 years, the full release must be extremely embarrassing to the CIA and FBI, or maybe the Bush Crime family or to the Democrat and Republican parties, our Trotskyite Communist two party system. What in blazed did they do? Inquiring minds want to know.

    So what else is new to think we might be considered to be extremists. After all, it is pretty extreme to want to be self sufficient and independent. How dare we be rugged individualists, shame on us. (Sarcasm alert!)

  2. What is news worthy about the Palm Beach County cops is that he was even prosecuted(will see if it happens) as this is regular behavior and covered up 99.9% of the time. It was only because the video evidence was irrefutable was any action taken (five weeks later?) and will probably disappear in a couple months of paid leave.SNAFU

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