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  1. 1) I noted this yesterday but I’ll repeat: The North Korean test was 300 to 500 kilotons, not
    the 100 kilotons being widely reported in the news media.

    The news media appears desperate to cover up the threat to us posed by Obama’s past policy of appeasement. What Obama called “strategic patience” but which is morely commonly called cowardice.

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-41144326 (300 to 500 kilotons, depending on depth)

    http://earthquakes.berkeley.edu/blog/2017/09/03/north-koreas-most-powerful-bomb.html (300 kilotons)

    http://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/news/a28057/north-korea-nuclear-test-expert/ (250 kilotons, maybe more depending on depth )

    2) Part of the news media’s deception is the red herring argument that Kim can’t put his nuke on a NK ICBM that can reach the USA. But there are other ways to deliver a nuke and plenty of people around the world glad to do it. On a ship with detonation in a Los Angeles or San Francisco harbor, for example.

  2. 1) From the UK’s International Institute for Strategic Studies:

    “Early press reports ascribing a 100-kiloton yield to the bomb probably underestimated its power. Without knowing the depth of the explosion and the geology of the test site, the yield is difficult to calculate. But reasonable estimates range up to 500 kilotons, with 140kt being the US intelligence community’s approximation and 300kt being the estimate from two different models.”


    2) Note that the US intelligence community has NOT released the 140 kt estimate. That estimate was published in The Diplomat with the unsubstantiated claim that it was a leak from an intel officer.


  3. If I was North Korea, I’d launch during Irma’s ravaging of south Florida in the wee hours of tomorrow morning.
    Preemptive strikes really should be more socially acceptable.

    1. If I was the US I’d do the same thing, preemptive strike to put this thug in his place. And 9/9 is the anniversary of the creation of NK. Perfect day to demoralize them. Happy Anniversary, we just wiped out your nuke capability! I’m not sure what the US is waiting for…

      1. At least 10,000,000 dead in Seoul South Korea if we attack. This includes some 80,000 American civilians. This does not include the 30,000 military along the DMZ. They will be among the first to die.

        How many more Americans have to die for the glory of Rome (Washington, DC), or for the glory of the War Party (the NeoCon/NeoLiberalCon cabal that runs leviathan)? And no one ever mentions the massive deaths of the North Koreans who have no choice in the matter about what their leader does or the consequences of HIS actions, not theirs.

  4. Re:Florida, we’re seeing once again the wisdom of SB’s long standing advice of getting out early. Anyone left there now is screwed. My sister left early (Wednesday) from Key West, went to Tampa. Now the storm shifted so she’s off to Gainesville. Has extra gas in the bed of the truck, hotel booked for a week, friends house available if needed, her house is all shuttered, nothing she can do now but wait. She’s no prepper-as far as I know!-but doing a great impersonation so far. Prayers for all in Irma’s path.

  5. I’m no sure after what we did to Saddam and Quadaffi (sodomized with a bayonet) that Kim could be described as either irresponsible or irrational.

    People here are prepping and are armed because there is a perfectly rational fear of both the Government and Anarchy.

    With the USA’s history of overthrowing dictators – Iran 1953 may have been the first (whether you agree or not, but if Iran isn’t sovereign, is Idaho?) – what Kim is doing is perfectly rational. He is making it too costly to overthrow and kill him in a horrible manner.

    Even most here will understand it is unwise to corner animals leaving them no means of retreat because they will fight to the death. The US Government has been doing so for decades. Do not expect a good result from bad policy.

  6. @tz
    1) Actually, the Iranian government (Mossadagh) overthrown by the CIA in the 1950s had been democratically elected. It was the CIA’s puppet Shah who was the dictator — the one with Savak torturers.

    2) Kermit Roosevelt, the CIA officer who led the coup, issued a book in 1979 –“Countercoup”. His first edition said that the coup had been proposed by the British Anglo-Iranian oil company –since renamed to BP. BP was angry that Mossadagh had nationalized its oils wells due to a royalty dispute.

    That first edition was pulled off the book shelves after the first day because of a threatened lawsuit by BP — I managed to get a copy before they were yanked.

    3) The question of North Korea policy can be debated. What angers me is seeing the giant news corporations –with their near monopoly on information provided to the American People — engaged in what I judge is deliberate deceit.

    4) I’ve seen this on other occasions. The claim after Sept 11, 2001 that we were attacked “because they hate our freedoms”.

    When the news media’s own archives had interviews with Bin Laden in 1997-98 where Bin Laden gave the three reasons Al Qaeda was declaring war. Past acts that the News Media decided it had to cover up after discovering Bin Laden was not just some funny clown. Protect the powerful US elites whose acts had provoked the deaths of 3000 Americans. Set up a 911 Commission whose Republican and Democrat members agreed on one thing: that the victims families could NOT be told what motivated the attack. (As recounted to The New Republic by Harvard Professor and 911 Commission consultant Ernest May before his death.)

    5) And of course we had the Director of National Intelligence lie –under oath — to the US Congress and American People about NSA’s massive surveillance of us. A lie that was supported by the silence of President Obama and the Congressional Intel Oversight Committees. A lie that was only revealed because a young man named Edward Snowden ruined his life to warn us.

    6) So it is a real problem. Our tax dollars go to create awesome weapon systems that are to be applied against foreign enemies. But which end up being used to create foreign investments that enrich the few while impoverishing the rest of us under massive debt. Weapons which end up being targeted against us if we protest. What the ancient Romans called “The Punic Curse”.

    We defeated our Carthage — the Soviet Union. What now?

  7. Regarding facebook – even having that facebook button on this page allows that site to track you. I have always wondered why you have it on here, this just triggered my response.
    Please (!) take it off

    1. Actually, the Facebook button only tracks you if you use their code. If you use an analyzer, you will notice that we do not use Facebook Code anywhere on our pages and Facebook cannot track our readers unless they deliberately click on the Facebook button. that button is there for those who wish to reach out to others on social media and it, in no way, affects the general readership.

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