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  1. I used to ‘ trust ‘ the internet to give me’ factual information.’ That apparently, is no longer the case. Very depressing to read/hear about the ” dog and pony ” show going on in DC,aided by the media. I am aware of very little factual information and must depend on what I can see/hear from other sorces like Survival Blog. This is not the America I grew up in. Is anyone else out there as discouraged as I am????????
    Yampa Smith

    1. Hi Yampa: I guess I’ve gotten used to it, after listening to Rush for a few years. I haven’t trusted the MSM for many, many years. If you have time read “The Rape of the Mind,” the use of media to mislead the public began right after WWII with our “leaders” using the media to influence the public in the direction they wanted us to go. And they use the techniques of the Nazi’s and Communists.

      1. Actually it started before WWI, however a few years later Edward Bernays worked on the Committee for Public Information. He helped the Woodrow Wilson Administration promote the idea that US efforts in World War I were intended to bring democracy to Europe. He was associated with Wilson’s Censorship Board (George Creel). In the 1930’s, Goebbels read and used Bernay’s books in his role with the German Reich .

    2. About that homeschooling survey: There were two separate questions, one about homeschooling (with about 600 polled) and a second more general question about “school choice” that surveyed 2,000-plus.

      So even though it appears a survey of 2,000 showed two-thirds approve of homeschooling, they don’t. They approve of school choice. About 600 were surveyed about home-based education to which 40 percent support it and 30 percent hate it.

      Now you know.

    3. Definitely very discouraged. I saw the direction of the MSM about 12 years ago when they started fawning over Obama the Traitor and started getting my info from carefully selected websites, including SurvivalBlog and the links contained herein. I was raised in a very patriotic family but I have lost confidence that any President can do more than slow the spread of cancerous socialism at this point. I live in one of the most freedom-minded states left in the Union and even here the tide is turning more towards government overreach and nanny-statism. I feel like all my efforts to be self-reliant are meaningless, possibly even dangerous, when some do-gooder or person with a grudge might put my life at risk with an anonymous “tip” that I might have 2 cans of beans instead of the 1 I am permitted.

      1. Did you forget the snow job they pulled when Reagan got caught commiting TREASON by conspiring with Iran to hold the hostages then sent Ollie North to trade drugs for guns to run a illegal war and death squads and surface to air missiles to Afghanistan? The way they fawned all over the CIA drug runners from Mena,Arkansas and inventors of the Arkanside-the Clintons. Tom Fitton is one of the few true journalists left.

    4. I posted this a couple weeks ago. Bears repeating. We were never given the straight scoop.

      The article’s name is “Who decides what is news? (Hint: It’s not journalists.)”. The author is Walter Karp, who wrote quite a lot about things the deep state wanted kept hidden.

      Three articles about him and a short bibliography follow:





      Carry on in grace

  2. Interesting educational video of how gun laws are enforced:

    SWAT Team Raids Home, Arrests Former Marine On Weapons Charges In Irvine
    (YouTube Video)
    May 20, 2020
    Duration – 11:15

    “05.20.2020 | 5:56 AM | IRVINE – An FBI SWAT team executed a search warrant and arrested a former Marine on weapons charges, Wednesday morning.”

    No Helicopter evident, I guess they had drone support?

      1. Apparently he dared to exercise his Second Amendment rights inside the borders of the People’s Republic of California. Oh, and his surname is Fong. So apparently the Feds disliked that character, in my novels.

    1. After watching this video [disgusting] of American rights taken… If he lived in any other state this would’ve never happened, my wife and family are now implementing a tactical training regimen into our homesteading progress. We may have to “help” Californians someday, because the fight will surely never come to the Redoubt.

      God Bless….

  3. Speaking of Constitutional Rights- Minnesota governor allows 50 people in restaurants but limits churches to 10
    Note to Claire Wolfe- now it’s time !

    1. Pretty well negates that argument that people are trying to use that limiting church service is ok because they were being treated the same as everyone else, doesn’t it?

  4. Our Oklahoma law is decent. It could be improved upon for those looking to do something similar. We’ve taken a lot of steps getting to where we are.
    A post on the new law over on another “Truth” site had real negative commentary and primarily from people living in places with bad laws. They all claim to be pro 2A but their actions and comments showed otherwise.
    Remember even baby steps are still progress in a direction.

  5. I was actually encouraged by the MIT Tech Review article. It was generally balanced, calm and seemed to make good points about preparedness as a positive community trait. Refreshing, considering what has generally been published by some outlets.

  6. Yeah with unemployment the way it is staying in the military another hitch isn’t a bad idea. It’s good for the military keeping experienced folks too. For those that get out I hope they stay reserve/guard. Active duty always bring a lot to the table in part time units with knowledge of new equipment and other things.

  7. Re:More Families Converting to Homeschooling
    Now, if those without kids and those who choose to homeschool could get free of the burden of school taxes. The only thing I want from my local school district is to plow my road after it snows, which was a condition of the 1/2 acre they demanded as tribute.
    I don’t feel any civic duty to finance the “education” of anyone else’s kids.

    1. Why would the school district plow snow? That is absolutely the job of the Highway/Road district and is paid for everytime you get gas. The Plandemic has made it clear the schools are obsolete,fire 50% of teachers,80% of bureaucrats,bulldoze most buildings and reduce taxes by 75%+. For real education can I recommend “The Great Courses” educational programs.

  8. RE: latest Commie/Demo/Soc/Leftist/Progressive anti-2A proposed legislation….I wonder. Should we really let them be jerking us around at every unconstitutional daydream they have? What was the intent of the Second Amendment? I would venture to guess that we are currently the best armed civilian population in history. Thank you Founders! They gave us the tools, but can’t give us the courage…
    I know it’s not simple – definitely not easy (it wasn’t easy for Nathan Hale and the boys either), but I’m sick of being threatened. It seems every week I get a letter from the NRA begging for money, “or they will TAKE AWAY your gun rights!!!”. Well…let’s see, our courageous Founders gave us the means to say NO! You KNOW that the haters of Freedom will gain the decisive advantage eventually – they’re very persistent! At that time, we must say NO!, or give up what’s left of Freedom forever. Better think!
    Speaking of our Founders, Boston T. Party (Kenneth Royce) wrote, “…They had the soul, but needed better gear. We have the gear, but need stronger soul.” (Boston’s GUn Bible, back cover). Ironically,THEY gave us the gear!
    I know…it’s not simple, it’s not easy. But just maybe, we should start sending a different message than, “please don’t take our guns”. Something like, “We are productive, law-abiding Americans, and want nothing more than to die free in our own beds at 90+. But if you persist in your tyrannical, anti-Constitutional attempts to legislate away basic Freedoms, regretfully, we will be forced to employ the Second Amendment, as intended by our noble Founders. So help us God!”
    Would appreciate a voice…NRA?? GOA???
    Just a thought.

  9. Wyo and the rest should pay for the Homeschooling like Duke Pesta’s or Ron Paul Curriculum.
    Cue Pink Floyd Wall, “We don’t need no indoctrination”. “Teacher, leave those kids alone!”.

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