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  1. $10-Billion in damages by cyber criminals….

    Who cares!

    Folks are forgetting that Feminism/Women’s rights has caused $10-trillion in gender equality law suits since 1960. Toss in the massive divorce hike, male head-of-household job terminations, and 60-million abortions and you have an organization [women’s rights] that should be targeted across the globe as a domestic terrorist threat in every nation it rears its head!

  2. The Electoral College member note is a bit of a surprise as since high school civics class 50 years ago, the way it was explained was while the elector did indeed represent their district, and were expected to vote the way their representative citizens voted, they could not be OBLIGED to vote the same way. There were no legal consequences if they did not, except for a probable swift ouster from the position.

  3. House Judiciary to Hear Three New Gun Laws During Recess

    You can call/write/petition whoever you want in government. It won’t make any difference. Republican or Democrat they all want supreme power over the people. The only way they can achieve that power is by disarming us all.

    Be prepared to fight. Practice your skills. Stock up on supplies.

    1. For what it’s worth, petitioning is not so much for the effect it produces on the petitioned, but for moral standing when things go kinetic. A well-worded petition, given publicly, is education for the witnesses.

  4. Re. Three new gun laws.

    Voting is an exercise to make slaves think they are free. The Slave Master keeps changing. The Plantation doesn’t.

    Ridiculous you say? Can you cite an example where voting made you free?

    Bill Buppert said it best, “Secession is the only vote that counts in history.”

  5. Re. Use of a Hurt Locker

    My comment is primarily for parents with children living away from home.

    I highly recommend reading the first book in the ‘Locker Nine’ series by Franklin Horton.

  6. 10th Circuit Court Says Electoral College Members Not Bound

    Thank God for the Electoral College. If we didn’t have it every election would be decided by the nitwits in the big cities. You know the type, they think the world is coming to an end if Starbucks doesn’t have their favorite double mocha, one and a half pumps of caramel, one eight of a teaspoon of sugar, double foam, one quarter pump of cherry syrup concoction. The so called enlightened metro-sexual, anything goes, love whatever is in close proximity, male, female or the new X gendered, even you dog or cat types. The all drugs should be legal and everything should be free crowd.

    At that point the country will be truly screwed. The Electoral College give us folks that shun the cities, and the depravity, for the peace and quiet of the country to have a voice in elections.

  7. Re. Google Social Credit System

    If you want to see the globalists’ ‘Model for Global Government’ keep your eyes on China. Yes, China is ‘in the fold’ for globalists. It is the globalists’ testing ground.

  8. Regarding the hurt locker: If you build two smaller, please make sure that whatever firearm is in one, it also has the ammunition, cleaning, and furnishings (holsters, etc) to go with it. It’s too easy place all weapons in one and ammunition in another…lose one, and the other is useless.

  9. Three new gun laws! I have this idea and firm belief that all new gun laws can be handled by ONE (1) law, simply worded: Ready, here it is:
    “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed: ……. There, now wasn’t that easy! No sense using those countless reams of paper and man-hours trying to come up with new laws, that don’t work, and can’t work. To say nothing of all that ink wasted, which could be better used to write books on proper safety and handling of, um, guns and etiquette, as well as perhaps words reminding us of our personal responsibility and accountability in all things…… Just a thought.

  10. I’m done petitioning the govt for my civil rights as defined by the Bill of Rights. I’m in the tax revolt phase and waiting to do my part in the watering of the Tree Of Liberty. Molon Labe, mic drop.

  11. Build a SHTF Hurt Locker:

    In FL, after the 1980 Miami riots, folks built something called an Urban Defensive Kit, not as refined as the kits in this article. An ordinary bag with revolvers, ammo, etc… Then came the “Miami Vice” years, with semi autos and lots of extra mags…
    Basically, you are just wanting to not be overwhelmed, raped, robbed, and murdered by massive amounts of people with malicious intent.


  12. I am just wondering if the Courts Decision on elector’s Free will to cast their votes for their candidate,( a liberal for sure), is setting up a situation that neither Candidate gets the 270 number thus the House will determine the President?
    That means the Uber crazy House members could select anyone.
    Scary thought indeed

  13. How is this electoral college chosen? Who are they? Why don’t we know their names and locations since they’re making these decisions supposedly on our behalf we should know who they are and also someone should check their bank accounts to see if there are any unusual deposits made just prior to or immediately after an election… just something to think about ..

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