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  1. Good morning James,

    I am interested in the remaining M39. Is it still available? I am currently checking my state regulations. I am currently living in Massachusetts.

  2. I think Mr. Carpenter needs to find him a good 2A lawyer and sue all involved in this fiasco for the states violation of his “due process” under the Constitution and what ever else the lawyer can come up with.

  3. Red Flag in morning, sailor take warning.
    Red Flag at night, sailor take fright.

    When they say they’re here to help you.
    They’re really here to whelp you.
    And put you in a pen,
    So they can rule again.
    Don’t fall for their lies.
    It’s you, they criminalize.
    As Liberty’s drained away.
    It’s Freedom that has to pay.

  4. The 5G discussion is not really about the signal’s radiation possibly causing some sort of harm to tissue (rat or human). Rather, the concern is that IF cell towers using those frequencies (24 GHz) don’t keep their signal precisely “in their lane” and spill over to adjacent bands, then the weather satellites we all rely on will be unable to see the weak signals naturally emitted from airborne water vapor (23.8 GHz). Those satellites are carefully listening for and mapping the distribution and concentration of water vapor in various air masses. “Sloppy” 5G transmissions could overwhelm those precise detectors and render them useless. So, the current push is to assure the FCC makes cell carriers use more stringent limits to better control their off-band noise. A rush to sell such commercial bands could ignore this real, technology-compatibility problem. To quote the linked article, below; “These entities [NASA, NOAA and others] all argued that out-of-band emissions from future commercial broadband transmissions in the 24GHz band would disrupt the ability to collect water-vapor data measured in a neighboring frequency band (23.6 to 24GHZ) that meteorologists rely on to forecast the weather.” Ultimately, the question is whether an incremental improvement in our interlinked daily communications is worth hampering our crucial ability to monitor and predict weather. This is NOT a political issue, but because money is involved, it demands to be considered politically.


  5. In regards to the social credit story — if this is in China why is the announcement on the train in English? Presumably if you are an English speaker you are not a Chinese citizen so the social credit system doesn’t apply to you — unless this is all a trial run to start using this system here?? Or are they applying this to foreign visitors also? Call me — Free (for now ) and Confused

  6. Re: Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant Rifles

    As the story goes, Russian Mosin Nagants were captured by the Finnish who greatly refined the Russian issue render the crude example that is far superior to this day. Hence they the more accurate, and M39s were often used by snipers. Run modern factory ammo in them, and they may shoot as well as a Mauser. Iraqivetern8888 is a huge fan and has a massive pile of M39s, and several videos devoted to the rifle. Here is one with a like new barrel been broke-in at 250+ yards. Heavy boolits hit hard and penetrate whatever they are hiding behind. Handload for these and really squeeze out the accuracy potential.

    I can’t afford it, but at least I can salivate. Besides, the hexagonal receiver and barrel marks are just plain cool. Maybe I could show up at the Kalispell Gun show if only to drool over it, before it is gone.


  7. Re: Chinese Social Score

    It is already being implement here in Beta form. It was designed by Google! Destroy China and destroy Google’s safe haven, and operating base. We are at the precipice of something worse than a high tech Neo-Feudal system. If you do not know who will be the rulers, you are the slave, and future Soylent Green. And eventually only a pod in a Matrix Utopian fantasy. The current owners of the planet have a plan, and “you ain’t in it”.

    George Carlin – It’s a Big Club and You Ain’t In It! The American Dream


  8. Chinese trains to and from major cites and also the subway systems make all announcements in both English and Chinese. Signage is also in both languages. Why? Not sure, but it’s kind of freaky that they do that.

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