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  1. Re. Trump’s Broken Promise
    Redoubt Pastor Chuck Baldwin has encouraged other pastors throughout the U.S. to make a public statement from the pulpit supporting the Right to Bear Arms. Pastors who are bold enough to tell their congregation to not register and to not turn in ANY of their guns. He is NOT ALONE. You can view his list (BY STATE) at LibertyFellowshipMT.com site (under ‘Resources’).

  2. Re. Hillary’s 32,000 emails to a Chinese company.

    Thank goodness Trump put her behind bars. Oh wait…

    Even if this story is true The Swamp will protect The Swamp.

    The Slave Masters keep changing; the Plantation doesn’t. We did have more than 2 choices in 2016. Silly me. What does this old coot know? MAGA 2020! We vote. We must be FREE!

  3. School Districts have been providing free breakfast and lunch to poor students for decades. Even before this new Federal initiative, individual schools in poor areas had already switched to 100% free lunches because it actually cost less than processing all the student applications and then collecting from the 5% that didn’t qualify (this month). The program allows a reduction in red tape/paper pushing, that’s all.

    It’s not “news,” and it’s not a significant increase in Federal spending either.

    Providing meals to poor kids as an incentive to come to school and learn their way out of poverty seems like one of the least bad ways our Federal tax dollars are spent to me. YMMV.

  4. Free school lunches, What ever happened to parental responsibility? This is in addition to the EBT cards issued and should be deducted from them, Most would call this double dipping. I just cannot understand how we went from a nation of responsible adults to a nation of takers, a people with no pride, morals, or shame about stealing from others. Yes, folks taxes are theft. Anything taken from you without your express permission is theft no mater how it is described. See lipstick on a pig. Shame on all politicians.

    1. School systems provide free and reduced lunches for qualifying students because back in the MAGA days studies were done that strongly linked proper nutrition with academic (and physical) performance. This is not a bleeding heart liberal initiative, this was the Army deciding that having a recruit pool that was malnourished, half-educated, and infected with hookworms would not help us defeat the Germans.

      Tim Bennet is correct in his assessment above.

  5. Trump is not breaking his promise. No single individual can turn around government, not even the president. What most are demanding is that he stand up for the 2nd amendment even if it won’t work or change the result. But Trump is smarter than that. He will say what he must in the early stages and work behind the scenes to reduce the impact on the 2nd amendment. This of course angers those who don’t understand what is going on AND who prefer outrage to any actual results. So either learn the art of the deal or pay the price.

      1. A funny true story: Many years ago, on a Sunday, my wife and I bought a new car. We had an agreement that we would finance it ourselves on Monday at our credit union. That is when we discovered that there was a $50 charge added onto the purchase price for “financing”. Our salesman insisted that we had agreed to it in the event we could not get financing. As you can imagine $50 was a lot of money 35 years ago. So my wife and I went to convince the dealer to reverse the charges. My wife (ex) was prone to angry outbursts so I cautioned her to say nothing and I would argue our case. We met with the salesmen and the finance guy. The salesman started the conversation by blurting out that we had verbally told him we weren’t sure we could finance it so that is why he had to apply for financing in our name. I told him and the finance guy that I knew that the only reason he did it was because he got a kickback from the finance people and we wanted our money back. The salesman said something insulting and that caused my wife to go into a rant. She would not stop. She called them both names and made stupid threats. The finance guy who was on our side in the beginning got angry over the threats and said “I’m done” and walked away. The salesman just grinned at us. It was over, no refund of our $50. As we left I explained that her angry outburst cost us $50. She said “it was worth it to give them a piece of her mind”.

        In my opinion this same kind of attitude is what keeps us from succeeding with the politicians who favor the 2nd amendment. Some 2nd amendment supporters get so upset that they make threats, name call and generally irritate our allies. And then they justify their angry outbursts and failure by claiming it’s all someone else’s fault because they didn’t give us everything we want right away. They seem to actually enjoy the failure and their own outrage than they do playing the long game and success.

    1. You’re right Trump will say what he needs to, he won’t ever ban bump stocks illegally without grandfathering via executive fiat..oh wait. That doesn’t give anti-2A liberals the ability to arbitrarily ban something like… detachable magazines…

      1. I think you both miss the point. Imagine that 535 congressmen want to pass a law that diminishes your rights. It doesn’t matter if the president throws a hissy fit just so you feel good about it. BUT, he can seem agreeable to negotiate which will keep some of those 535 lawmakers from trying to aggressively bypass him and he can buy some time. Then behind the scenes he can improve the outcome. Not perfect! We agree on that. But it is all that is within his power. BUT he keeps appointing conservative judges. And this problem, i.e. the infringement on our 2nd amendment rights, IS 100% in the lap of the courts. The courts are the final arbitor. Congress is nothing but a bunch of elected criminals with few exceptions and they will do what they do without regard to hissy fits. YOU can vote them out or vote better one’s in but never the less this issue will be decided by the courts. So get angry and throw mud and have a great time but you are pissing in the wind.

  6. As I understand it you cannot “cure” ebola. If you get it and live you suffer all your life with it and are Always communicable and cannot be free to go into public.

  7. I have been curious about something for some time.

    The Firearms Owner Protection Act of 1986 specifically prohibits federal weapons registration. Yet background check forms includes gun serial numbers and to my understanding dealers are required to maintain the records indefinitely and then turn them over to the BATF when they go out of business to be manually entered into the BATF data base. To me this constitutes requiring dealers to maintain a database effectively registering these guns.

    If, when private sales require background checks, you will theoretically have a full database in violation of the law. It is admittedly clunky but it still looks like registration to me.

    I do not understand why no one has challenged this?

  8. As many of you know who have read my posts before, I am a Trump supporter. I am also against any new red flag laws, and any new background check laws. I have written to President Trump and told him that if he supports red flag laws, it will cost him millions of votes, and that if he signs background check laws, he will lose the election.
    But it remains to be seen what he will do. Congress re-convenes on September 9th. If congress passes and the President signs a new background check law, I will not support him or vote for him, and will write him telling him that I will not honor my campaign pledge of $500 to his campaign. And I will not comply with any new laws.
    In the meantime, I will continue to add to my self-defense equipment.
    I hope and pray that the President does the right thing and that I can continue to support him. I have not planned this course of action lightly. I know that if Trump loses, it will mean civil war. No one in their right mind wants that, but we must remain armed if we are to remain free.

  9. So Nathan, because you don’t get your way on everything you’d rather be saying “President Biden” or “President Warren”. We almost had enough people standing on that moral high ground last time to have “President Clinton”. I’m with Anon.

    1. Strawman argument- not getting my way on everything.
      IF Trump, and it remains to be seen what he does, adds a background check requirement to private sales between private parties, then he will have done more damage to the 2nd Amendment than the 1968 Gun act, and all other laws combined. So, no, I would not support him. IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHAT HE DOES. We shall see in

      1. When it comes to the 2nd amendment I am a single issue voter. However regardless of the passing of any or all of these laws I will vote for Trump. Because: 1. Trump is not congress he will not create or pass these laws. Your argument is with congress not Trump. 2. We have a number of critical issues facing us right now and no candidate has said that they will address them in a way that will be beneficial to the U.S. citizens. Only Trump will do it and we need him four more years to do what he can. 3. IF the 2nd amendment is saved it will be saved by SCOTUS not by POTUS. BUT the SCOTUS must continue to get appointees from Trump not from any of the other candidates. So throwing out Trump will throw out any chance of these laws being overturned by the courts.
        And make no mistake, if the courts give a strongly worded and unambiguous ruling on the 2nd amendment it will stop and even reverse decades of anti-2nd amendment legislation in a way then neither congress nor the president ever could. SCOTUS will decide this and right or wrong their decision will become the law of the land. Who do you want in SCOTUS when these cases go in front of them???

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