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  1. Yes “weapons”. The 12yr old gang member who shoots you with a bolt action rifle sold to him illegally is dangerous.
    Look up “baseball player killed in oklahoma”. 2 thugs with a bolt gun. It happens more than tv shows would have you think.
    In fact for all our preparedness and tacticoolness it will probably be some mean little guy with a sears bolt 22 that takes one out from a drygulch

    Hatred, prejudice and nitpicking of LEOs can blind one to the real and present danger facing The People at the present. Zero mention of them selling illegally to gangs or buying stolen property and being the real bad guys.

  2. “It’s just beyond comprehension that somebody can have so many weapons in a residence like this in a neighborhood like this,” Ramirez said.

    Ah, I don’t believe owning guns is illegal in that particular neighborhood…..yet. These all appear to be CA compliant with a quick scan. If this man is cleared of charges who will compensate him for the damages of his guns since they are stacked will-nilly in piles? Who is going to oil them after this handling? Do they have a climate controlled area to store these while he goes through the court system? Do they have proper racks for storage or are they going to heap them all in a pile again?

    1. The really nice guns will go home with various police officers. That’s common practice. I’ve seen it before. The owner will only get to keep the less desirable guns.

    2. If ever there was a reason for the NRA to get off its backside and pursue a case, the illegal seizure of this man’s private collection of firearms would be it.

  3. I watched the video concerning California “Freedom Week.” Since I live behind enemy lines here, I was interested in obtaining a copy of the DOJ letter. The fellow mentions that he is including a link to the DOJ letter in the comments section, but I could not find it. Can anyone help?

  4. Diabetic amputations
    I’ve been a nurse here in Central Tx for 30 years, most of those years in an ICU unit. 60% of patients we see
    are type 2 diabetics. This article sets faults on mainly the medical communities for poor care, this could not be further from the truth. Most of our patients are on Medicare or Medicaid, they have numerous access to good medical care. Let me make one statement here that I have witnessed first hand, despite the constant years of diabetic education these people are given….. they are what we call NON COMPLIANT. Virtually 90 out of a hundred people I see and counsel never take care of themselves! They will tell you they do, but they think having an average blood sugar of 280 everyday is ok for them! Ask them when was the last time they checked their BS and they may say, oh, last week! Granted, here in Central Tx we have a high Hispanic population, and unfortunately for them they are cursed with bad genes for a prevalence for diabetes. But no matter what color, white, Hispanic or black, my patients may be they simply choose not to control their diabetes and these are people who have had years of training in how to. best care for their diabetes. There is also plenty of resources out there for their supplies! I see it start with amputated toes, then feet, legs and blindness, this does not even include the fast track for heart disease and stroke. They simply ignore these facts until it is too late. There is an old saying that I think fits for this population very well:
    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

    1. Here Here! I have been a nurse for only 25 years now. The vast majority of people with diabetic complications are those that don’t control their blood sugar levels, and It is not because they have not received education, assistance and supplies. They simply choose to not care for themselves.

    2. Couldn’t agree more! I am a type 2 insulin dependent whose sugar was out of control. 1st doc said I couldn’t qualify for a pump. 2nd said Phooey, we can get you one in a couple of weeks. P.S. I am old and on medicare. Got the pump and it has been a Godsend. Sugar is now normal and A1C is 6.4, down from over 11. You still have to do the finger sticks, but who cares for those results! Guess it all depends on finding the Doc who will work with you. My new one is fantastic and wherever he goes I will follow.

      1. Type 2 insulin resistance is easily cured,90%+ rate with Dr whittakers protocols(mainly lowers blood sugars and restores nutritional deficiencies). It is also very cheap with little to no future costs so no interest from the Illness/Drug/Surgery cartels. Costly long term “Treatments” not simple inexpensive cures are how they make big bucks

  5. An alternative to medieval box beds:
    Search for privacy pop up bed tents. They come in several sizes ands fit with your mattress on top of the tent’s floor to be stable. For people in cold climates without heat these are a good alternative, they also come with just netting in case maybe you have windows out and it hot, they will keep out mosquitos. Also if you find yourself without heat in winter and you have camping tents set them up in your living room!

  6. There are lots of those enclosed beds in Scandinavia that our ancestors used also. They are decorated and quite lovely, especially in a very small home where it may be in the main room.

  7. JWR, with respect, please help me understand. In California they confiscate “1000 weapons”, but in the Redoubt It would be “a large gun collection was seized”. The end result is the same. If the Redoubt, in particular Idaho, is the place to move to, why do we see so many posts such as 7000 pounds of hemp being impounded by Idaho State Troopers? Rogue law enforcement activities (asset forfeiture) discussed in earlier posts. Child protection transgressions etc. Are we to assume that these violations of our freedoms are just the normal price we must pay to be permitted to live in “the greatest nation on Earth” and the Redoubt is no different then the rest of the United States in its level of abuse against its citizens? I am having a hard time understanding why the Redoubt is better than the S#2&hole that I live in. Where can we go TO BE LEFT ALONE??

  8. I agree with you about the media frenzy over measles. So stupid and typical.

    Here, the facts: Search Results
    Featured snippet from the web
    Image result for How many people have died from measles in 2018?
    Measles killed 110,000 globally in 2017. Since 1963, when the the vaccine was introduced, cases and deaths from measles in the United States and other developed countries have plummeted. Prior to the vaccine, measles caused approximately 450 to 500 deaths each year in the United States.

    That last sentence says *before* the vaccine. We have many more things to fear, such as rogue law enforcement officers. Where is there a vaccine to protect us from them?

    Carry on

  9. Comingstorm,
    Those are the results I love to see! You are the exception, and I applaud you. It’s definitely a hard road, but totally doable.
    Well done

  10. In Kommiefornia, we are all supposed to bow and scrape to the Stormtrooper Leftists from the coasts. Had this man lived in Northern California,aka State of Jefferson, he would still have his “assault weapons”. While I remember very fondly, the lovely and beautiful parts of Los Angeles from when I was growing up, it remains a now Communist area. The only people with guns are government authorities of various stripes and gang bangers. Movie support folks are “allowed” to have guns with way out of the way property, lots of locks, and complete compliance with the authorities. But, Movie People are Special People because cameras, lights, and action. So yes, those weapons will make it into the hands of government authorities, including anti-gun politicians.
    What a sad commentary on the FUSA.

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